Year 6- What is your favourite chocolate bar and why?

23 November 2016

Who is the biggest cho-a-holic of us all?

Leave a comment below with what your favourite chocolate bar is and why?

Remember to use addition and contrasting conjunctions to add in extra detail and to contrast information (for example: However, some say that the taste of Dairy Milk is slightly bitter but I disagree with them)

5HP for every answer that includes because, an addition conjunction and a contrasting conjunction.


  • Comment Link phoebe trevor roper 22 September 2017 posted by phoebe trevor roper

    definitely eton mess chocolate.

  • Comment Link amal yasin 28 April 2017 posted by amal yasin

    i love all choclates especially in cake amal yr5 dove

  • Comment Link sahro 08 February 2017 posted by sahro

    MY favourite is galaxy because its smooth and a delicious snack

  • Comment Link mahamud yasin 05 January 2017 posted by mahamud yasin

    my chocolate bar is maltaeser its delicious and sweet

  • Comment Link Talaiyah 19 December 2016 posted by Talaiyah

    My favourite chocolate bar is milkybar because it always yummy and hard bits of it is so dilishous and so good I love it

  • Comment Link Valeria Dos Santos 18 December 2016 posted by Valeria Dos Santos

    My favorite chocolate is twix because it has caramel and I love caramel.

  • Comment Link Rahaf 30 November 2016 posted by Rahaf

    I like your learning

  • Comment Link Sumaya 27 November 2016 posted by Sumaya

    My favourite chocolate bar is galaxy caramel because of it' taste and flavour furthermore I have more favourite chocolate bar's

  • Comment Link Hanan 27 November 2016 posted by Hanan

    I like maltesers because they are fair trade and are delicious. Additionally, they are circle shaped treats and are chocolate coated.

  • Comment Link Zakaria Mahamood Year6 Kestrel 27 November 2016 posted by Zakaria Mahamood Year6 Kestrel

    My favaroute choclate bar is Kit Kat becaus it has the best flavours and th texture is good it fells soft and has a chocy and vinnila flavour.

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