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20 October 2016

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  • Comment Link sahro 08 February 2017 posted by sahro

    i think animals shouldn t be kept in a zoo because they have a right to be free!

  • Comment Link Hassan 04 February 2017 posted by Hassan

    Of course they should be kept in zoos because they could out of their mind

  • Comment Link Sumaya 25 January 2017 posted by Sumaya

    Good reasons

  • Comment Link Moneeb khalil 27 November 2016 posted by Moneeb khalil

    My favourite choclate bar is lion because it has its and also it is crunchy and it is mouth watering.However,I also like snickers.

  • Comment Link Ali 31 October 2016 posted by Ali

    Should or Should't animals be kept in zoo's?

    Some people say that animals should be kept in zoos because of the left over waste that they eat in your house like raccoons,bears and moose.Also animals are provided with good and healthy food to eat.Animals are developed In the zoos which means that in the wild they do not know how to fight and hunt for prey.Also prey are vulnerable to predators which means they can be eaten very quickly.This is one side of the argument.

    Others however think that animals are better roaming free in the wild.They think it is a opportunity that they get once in a lifetime experience to eat or be eaten.It is part of the food chain.Either way,it's the circle of life.Animals are better off in the savannah,rainforest and even the South Pole.This is the other side of the Argument.

    So after this do you think animals are better in the zoos or roaming free being able to reach their full potential.

  • Comment Link Camron 28 October 2016 posted by Camron




    These are some examples of what the fair trade industry help. I think the fair trade sign is on these products because the people who buy these products are giving a reasonable amount of money to the people who harvest these products which makes it a fair trade.

  • Comment Link Ms Sokoni 27 October 2016 posted by Ms Sokoni

    Hi Camron,
    An interesting read, and food for thought! The last time I took my grandson to the zoo was earlier this year. Yes, I felt a little guilty because I was bringing him to see animals kept in 'man-made' environments and not their natural habitats, however, if it wasn't for zoos and other 'reservations', he would not SEE 'real live' (or learn about the) variety of wildlife animals and creatures that share this world with us. Many of our wildest animals are in threat of 'extinction'! So, am I for or against these establishments? ... ... Not an easy one to answer!

  • Comment Link Rutwan 27 October 2016 posted by Rutwan

    some people think that it is ok for people to let out zoo pets because they can have a better futer with their family and friends on the other hand they think that zoo pets should be kept in zoos because they might whant to see their favorite animals.

  • Comment Link Camron 25 October 2016 posted by Camron

    Should or shouldn't
    Animals be kept in zoos?

    Some people say that animals should be kept in zoos and some people say that they shouldn't.This argument will show the two different points of view of people on this subject.

    Some people say that animals should be kept in zoos because it could help them to live longer because they wouldn't be on the list of prey,this could also help endangered species.As well as that,it can also help animals to get to know humans better.On the other hand,some people think that they shouldn't be kept in zoos because it will slow down or stop the animal from reaching there full potential prey or predator and being kept in a small enclosed area and having no free roaming isn't very nice.

    So after reading this do you or don't yo think animals should be kept in zoos?

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