Dove class investigate plant propagation.

12 May 2016

Year 5 Dove have been propagating plants in their science lessons this week.

This week, we have been propagating plants in science. Propagation is when you take a piece of parent plant and try and grow it into a new plant. We have taken three different parts of the parent plant: part of the root, part of the stem and part of the leaf.

Comment on what you think will happen with our investigation and why. Check our blog regularly for updates on how they are doing.


  • Comment Link Claire F (science teacher in Birmingham!) 27 March 2018 posted by Claire F (science teacher in Birmingham!)

    What plant did you use?

  • Comment Link hanan 12 June 2016 posted by hanan

    I think the stem will grow

  • Comment Link         Oula       19 May 2016 posted by Oula

    it was fun propagating :)

  • Comment Link phoebe 15 May 2016 posted by phoebe

    the experiment is very interesting, i wonder what the results will be! also, i have learnt today that bees don't actually know they are pollenating each flower!

  • Comment Link ali 15 May 2016 posted by ali

    I found out that photosynthesis gets most of his power from the sun

  • Comment Link Camron 15 May 2016 posted by Camron

    I hope they grow well

  • Comment Link zakaria mahamood 15 May 2016 posted by zakaria mahamood

    I found out that some plants are carnivores by gaining nuitrions and eating small insecsts like flys and spiders
    plants like the venus fly trap is a example.

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