Swift class Local History

12 June 2016

Our challenge during local history week was...

Who was this man and how did he have such an influence on thousands of people's lives?

220px George Muller

We asked the two visitors historically valid questions to find out more! In addition, we used a range of sources to infer information from. Such as: images, photos, artefacts and biographies. When handling the artfeacts we asked questions about what there were, their uses and who would use them.

Furthermore, we used these sources to rewrite our own biographies in the role of an Orphan. We even dressed up in the clothes that they would wear! We used drama to show how the Orphans might feel, we used our empathy and imagining skills. 

For example: 'How many children went to the Orphanage?' 'Who worked there?' 'What did the Orphans do when they left the Orphanage?'

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